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Attending an Accredited Online College: Pros and Cons

There’s no greater gift you can give yourself than furthering your education. On average, those with higher degrees earn hundreds of thousands more over their lifetime than those without the same level of education. If you’re already juggling several big obligations, like work and raising a family, you might be considering online college as a way to get that next degree. Consider these pros and cons of online education before you commit to a program.

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What is Accreditation?

You’ve heard about the importance of only choosing an accredited online college, when looking at online degree programs. Accreditation is very important, but many people don’t fully understand it. Knowing all its ins and outs can help you pick an online program that will open up doors for your career.

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Online Associate’s Degree Programs

If you only have a high school diploma and are looking to get your feet wet in the world of higher education, an associate’s degree can be a great place to start. Associate degrees are two-year degrees and can be either career oriented or the beginning of a four-year degree. If you’re looking for a new career to boost your earnings, many booming job fields can be entered with an associate degree.

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Online Master’s Degree Programs

If you’re further on in your education, you might be interested in a degree that will prepare your for more advanced positions in your current field. Or, you might have a bachelor’s degree in another field, but are interested in changing your career direction. In either case, an online master’s degree can be a great educational choice.

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Is Online Learning Right for You?

You’re researching your educational opportunities because you want to choose the accredited online college that’s going to give you the most bang for your buck. But one thing you might not have considered about online college courses is the way that distance learning is different from traditional school. Consider this checklist of necessary skills for succeeding in online college, and make sure you’re prepared before you take the plunge into online education.

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