Is Online Learning Right for You?

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You’re researching your educational opportunities because you want to choose the accredited online college that’s going to give you the most bang for your buck. But one thing you might not have considered about online college courses is the way that distance learning is different from traditional school. Consider this checklist of necessary skills for succeeding in online college, and make sure you’re prepared before you take the plunge into online education.

I’m Comfortable With Technology

In online learning, every aspect of face to face interaction has to be simulated with technology. In a great online program, you will regularly be required to use instant messaging, video chat, blogs, forums, and more. If you’re not committed to understanding this technology, you should reconsider an online program. (

I’m Ready to Take Charge of My Education

Self motivation is a defining fact of online college courses. There’s no teacher standing in front of you during class, reminding you to do the required reading or that you have a quiz next week. You have to be committed to staying on top of your school responsibilities, if you want to be a successful online student. (

Organized is My Middle Name

In a traditional course, you can keep all the pertinent handouts and assignments in one notebook or folder, and easily reference the paper syllabus to keep up with the class schedule. In online school, most, if not all, of your classwork will be on the computer, and it’s easy to lose track of important documents when they are floating around on your harddrive. Online students have to be especially committed to keeping all their important documents in one easily accessible place. (

I Enjoy Socializing Over the Internet

One of the most important parts of an education is working with your peers to solve problems and study for tests. With online school, you won’t be able to meet your classmates at the local coffee shop to go over the last lecture. If you’re comfortable using instant messaging or video chat to stay in touch with your peers, you’re more likely to have an enjoyable distance learning experience. (