Online Master’s Degree Programs

Student and tutor

If you’re further on in your education, you might be interested in a degree that will prepare your for more advanced positions in your current field. Or, you might have a bachelor’s degree in another field, but are interested in changing your career direction. In either case, an online master’s degree can be a great educational choice.

The Basics

Master’s degrees generally take two to three years to earn, though they can take longer if you attend part time. While bachelor’s degrees are meant to give students a solid general educational foundation, master’s degrees are more specialized. Students pick a subtopic in the field and do research and fieldwork to become experts on the topic. Many master’s degrees require writing a thesis: a long, detailed paper covering the results of that research. (

Popular Online Master’s Degree Programs

Online MBA

Master’s in business administration are two-year programs that give students the practical skills to run a successful business. MBAs can be useful degrees for people in many career areas. In an MBA program, students take courses in both qualitative and quantitative aspects of business, from economics to effective leadership. (

Online Master’s Degree in Social Work

Social workers help individuals and families deal with difficult life issues, by providing relevant counseling and advice and identifying helpful social services. Social workers can be found in a variety of settings, from schools to government offices and health care facilities. As you might expect, field instruction is a key component of the master’s degree in social work, with many programs requiring a minimum of 900 hours to be completed. (

Online Teaching Degree

To become a licensed teacher, you must complete a master’s degree in a particular field of education, based on the age group of students. You can earn an online master’s in primary education, secondary education, and special needs education. Some programs require early childhood education and psychology courses to be completed before admission. After earning this master’s degree and passing your state’s licensing exam, you will be qualified to be hired as a teacher. (